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Fitzroy Branch Toy Rotation

If you are a regular user of the Collingwood Toy Library’s Fitzroy branch, you may have recently felt like there are always new toys and puzzles on offer at Fitzroy. And that’s because there is! 

Since the beginning of the year, on a fortnightly basis, we have been rotating toys between the two branches to help our Fitzroy members have access to the broad range of toys that are available at the Toy Library’s Abbotsford branch. 

shelf full of imaginary and musical toys for borrowing at the fitzroy toy library

We have always rotated toys between the two branches but historically, it was done less frequently. We decided to increase our efforts in this area, as it became clear from the Fitzroy member survey that members wanted to have access to more toys in every toy category.

On Wednesday afternoons, our Fitzroy toy coordinator, Bianca, takes a carload of toys to Abbotsford and chooses a selection of toys to bring back to Fitzroy. Members are encouraged to discuss their child’s interests or needs with Bianca, so that she can take this into account when selecting toys for Fitzroy. Members can also request a specific toy and Bianca will do her best to bring it, or something similar, back. 

shelf full of imaginary and musical toys for borrowing at the fitzroy toy library

Please remember, members are able to borrow from either branch and we encourage our Fitzroy members to go visit the Abbotsford branch, particularly as their children get older. Abbotsford is more than 10 times bigger than Fitzroy, which means there are many more larger toys, such as ride-ons, on offer. Some members may feel overwhelmed the first time they visit Abbotsford due to its size. If this is the case, please chat to one of the toy library coordinators there, who will be happy to assist you. 

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey last year and helped drive this initiative. If you have any further feedback on how we can improve the Toy Library, please let us know. 



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