Everyone is welcome to become a member of the Collingwood Toy Library!

$80 per year

3 toys + 2 puzzles

for 2 wks

1 child


$20 per year

3 toys + 2 puzzles

per child for 2 wks

2+ children

$90 per year

3 toys + 2 puzzles

per child for 2 wks

Games + puzzles only

$40 per year

3 games

per membership for 2 wks

An additional $70 levy is payable by families who are unable to fulfil their membership responsibilities (see below).

Other memberships are available on application, e.g. childcare centres, kindergartens, grandparents, and short-term memberships.

*Concession memberships are available to those with a government Health Care Concession Card. $20 for one child, $5 per year for each additional child.

Membership responsibilities

Because we are run for the community by the community we rely on our members to volunteer and help our coordinator run each borrowing session.

Membership responsibilities mean helping during a borrowing session twice a year, and participating in a fundraising event. Any family member or carer is welcome to volunteer and you can bring your children with you. Read more here.

There are also volunteering activities that you can do at home or while you're out and about - let us know if this would suit you better.

How to apply and pay

Fill in your details online and pay your membership fee in the Toy Library. You can pay by cash or most credit cards at the library.

Gift vouchers for membership

A toy library membership makes a fantastic gift for any family. Gift vouchers are available in the toy library or you can email us

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