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How to join

Joining is easy! Simply complete the online registration and start borrowing straight away! 

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Membership options

Everyone is warmly welcomed to become a member of Collingwood Toy Library. 

Borrow toys for up to two weeks then swap! You can come back sooner or extend for a further two weeks online if you want to keep playing. 

1 child

3 toys and 2 puzzles 

Cost per year: 


2+ children

3 toys and 2 puzzles per child 

Cost per year: 



3 toys and 2 puzzles per child 

Cost per year: 


(plus $5 for each additional child)

Games & puzzles only

3 games or puzzles

Cost per year: 


Other memberships

Ask us about childcare centres, kindergartens, grandparents, and short-term memberships.

Gift Vouchers

A toy library membership is a great gift for any family. Grab a voucher next time you're in the toy library or email us.

*Government health care card holders

We are a volunteer-run community organisation and we ask members to help out

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How to borrow


Visit the toy library and choose up to 3 toys and 2 puzzles per child. Borrow extra toys for $3 each.


Take the toys to our coordinator, tell them your name and the catalogue numbers for each toy.


Before leaving the toy library, please check the toys you are borrowing are complete and undamaged.


Take the toys home to play with for up to 2 weeks. If you want to extend you can log in to our online catalogue to renew toys for 2 extra weeks.

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Other information

When kids are involved, accidents happen and things go missing. We get it and we don’t want you to be afraid to borrow. Here’s how we work together to handle sticky situations. 

  • Missing pieces

  • Major loss or damage of toys

  • Late fees

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All members  share responsibility for taking care of the toys and making sure they are used safely at home: 

  • Cleaning

  • Safety

  • Age-appropriate toys

  • Broken toys

  • Bike & scooter helmets

  • Batteries

Borrow party packs

With themed dress ups, party games, reusable crockery and furniture, our party packs provide everything you need to celebrate. We use the funds raised by hiring out party packs to buy new toys for the library, so they’re a win-win for everyone!

You can borrow:

Littlies Pack

  • 2 child-sized trestle tables

  • 12 chairs

  • Rocker

  • Climber

  • Roller Coaster

  • Caterpillar Tunnel
    Price = $30

Party Games Pack

  • Sack race

  • 3-legged race

  • Egg and spoon race

  • Tug of war

  • Parachute
    Price = $30

Blast Off! Pack​

  • 20 x 4-6 year astronaut dress ups
    Price = $30

Reusable Party Plates Set ​

  • Crockery and cutlery for events
    Price = $20

Child-sized table and chair packs

  • 2 child-sized trestle tables

  • 12 chairs
    Price = $10

Ready to book a party pack?

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No problem.

Get in touch and we’ll get back to you soon!

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